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Fri, Jun. 17th, 2005, 01:38 am

Hello! I'm beka, I'm 19 and a rabid VI fan. I love getting the chicken fried steak skillet and my favorite pie to get is the boston cream. I also love making castles, bastille's, and fortresses out of the coffee creamer, sugar packets, salt and pepper shakers, and packaged jelly squares. However I always clean up my messes and tip my waitress/waiter before I leave. My favorite waiter is ash and I frequent both of the VI's in Tallahassee about 4-10x's a month. My favorite time to go are in the late evenings with friends and my most cherished VI memory was when two of the boys in our group decided to have a syrup drinking contest, but the waitress put a halt to things citing health violations. However a couple minutes later she came out with steaming mugs of syrup and after several minutes of chugging and dry heaving, Matt was deemed the winner. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, so yeah...hi.