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Well, what kinds of pie do you have?

Village Inn Lovers
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This is a community devoted to that wonderful resteraunt called Village in (fondly called "VI" by its frequent patrons)
post in here any and every thing about VI--pictures, stories, reccomendations, etc, etc,
and always remember to tip your waitress.

created/moderated by likepaperdolls
__good food, _good feelings, banana cream pie, bucky bear, caramel pecan silk supreme, cherry pie, chocolate peantbutter-cup, classic pies, coconut cream pie, coffee, coloring kids menues, country apple pie, elite pies, french silk pie, frequent pie-er club, fresh strawberry pie, fruit pies, key lime pie, lemon meringue pie, lemon supreme pie, no-sugar-added apple pie, open 24 hours, pecan pie, pie, pumpkin, seasonal pies, smoking section, strawberry rhubarb pie, triple berry pie, vi, village inn, waitresses